The best place to start is from the beginning

The best place to start is from the beginning

For me, writing my first blog entry this afternoon means connecting with my own understanding (my vision keeps deepening and expanding) of the core processes of life-transitions coaching. I am acutely aware that what actually happens between me and my clients is initially a rather scary first meeting between two total strangers with very different histories, hopes, dreams and expectations. But as we get to know one other and get into deeper rapport with one other our initial apprehensions disappear.

Coaching, as I see it, is a two-way ‘happening’, a  mutual learning experience, a partnership between myself and the person I am coaching. I seek to communicate that from the first meeting just by the way I treat and relate to people….I want to be continually growing and learning as part of my own life journey, so I have a strong sense that my future is still radically ‘open’ to new possibilities and alternatives.

I seek to cultivate and promote or ‘model’ an open, courageous and adventurous attitude to life. This is the best way to congruently encourage others to do the same and to ‘be at their best’ and pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

My coaching is aligned with and expresses my own lifelong quest for the  meaning and purpose of my own life, and to discovering and living out my own specific vocations or callings as I became aware of these.

PLANTBoth my personal and professional commitments empower me to work closely with others who are similarly exercised in the pursuit of their own destiny, hopes and dreams, whatever their faith, whatever their own life vision may be, however they have been wounded by life or other people, and who have become aware of their need of both encouragement and wisdom as well as healing