Redefining Spirituality

Redefining Spirituality

Although I am a practicing Christian I remain cautious about introducing explicitly religious themes or Christian content into my coaching sessions, unless these emerge naturally in the course of our conversation.

My caution is based upon my deep respect for my clients and each person’s beliefs in the context of each person’s unique spiritual journey. So I trust the Holy Spirit to bring whatever enlightenment is necessary for both of us to facilitate together the best possible coaching alliance.

My own life coaching mission statement is :

– to discern, promote and inspire the divine connection and wisdom in us all –

Life transition coaching, as I practice it, thus works directly with the inner chaos of people’s thoughts and feelings as they struggle with their deepest intuitions of a higher calling and meaning to their lives.

Life transition coaching is thus concerned with destiny discovery (or recovery) and with people forging a new identity, a new kind of relationship to God, and a new alignment with their core values, hopes and dreams.

Some of my clients experience this change as finding a new pathway through life leading out of darkness into light. Rediscovering the power of prayer is often central to this process

Prayer is the vital breath of the Christian; not the thing that makes him alive but the evidence that he is alive.

Oswald Chambers.