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Coaching Testimonials

Professional Life Coaching

Bill is an outstanding Spiritual Life Coach and I simply believe he is divinely gifted in seeing your next step however he has the humility to allow you to see this yourself because he is a professional and knows we need to see the true path for ourselves without being told what it is.  Bill will not say this about himself but I have sensed he knew the answers before I did throughout the process.  This sense or feeling I experienced gave me great security and reassurance that I was working with a very safe pair of hands.

 I felt excited and hopeful before each session because I was confident I was about to reveal something new and would complete each session with a clear practical plan.

 Bill didn’t allow me to waste time focusing on unproductive projects whilst at the same time listening carefully to me, this may be an obvious skill you would expect from a Coach but Bill truly listened like a really attentive genuine friend.

 I highly recommend Bill as a Life Coach whatever your desires and goals and even more so if you are searching for some Spiritual direction.

Thank you Bill, you helped me identify the greatest goal of life, you are blessed and now I am too.

Impact of coaching

 My very first session with you Bill was a massive turning point for me, the impact that has led to, well I’m struggling to put into words.

 Maybe because it’s internal.  We all desire to feel free surely? Since identifying I wanted a relationship with Jesus in our very first session has meant revelation after revelation and I know I have only scratched the surface with what’s ahead in this short human life and eternally.

 I feel deprived when I struggle to connect internally, isn’t that something?  I’m excited about heaven, I care about future generations, things I just paid lip service to are now really important and I know why they matter.

Maria Lifecoach

When I first approached Bill for life coaching I was in the midst of one of the most intense transitions of my life. I knew that it would be impossible for me to bridge the gap alone and remain emotionally and spiritually well. I also knew from previous experience that there would be growth and development in all areas of my being if I took the first step and seriously reached out for help.

The impact of Bill’s coaching was immediate; mainly relief and gratitude just knowing that I was not alone and that there is someone who understands. From that came a growing sense of hope, empowerment and confidence which did wonders in dispersing my negativity – particularly self pity.

Courage and motivation were gifted to me through the intervention of a coach who is no stranger to addiction recovery programmes and is spiritually well himself, reminding me that God works through people and will do for me what I cannot do for myself.

When I started the coaching I was at first afraid and confused. When this happens, I cannot see the bigger picture and want to take control – Bill’s coaching helped prevent that old behaviour from resurfacing, behaviour which in the past had always led to disaster.

There was a time not long ago when I stood at the gates of insanity and death because my whole being was out of sync and life was unbearable.

To have met the biggest challenge so far without fear is a wonder and to have come through it feeling confident and content that God is in His Heaven and all is well with the world – no matter where the road leads to now – is no less than truly miraculous.
Thank you Bill.

Mary G

Dear Bill.

I really wanted to write a letter explaining how much your life-coaching service has completely changed my life!

I came to you over 4 years ago as my final option at trying to tackle my depression. I had just dropped out of university because of it being so severe. For years I had tried numerous councillors , the GP, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, the lot! It seems weird thinking about it now, but then suicide was such as attractive option. I thought about it almost all the time.

I had no idea what to expect when I first came to see you. You had explained on your website and over the phone that you focus on the transition from where you are to where you want to be (in my case who I want to be), and you also said you focused on the present and future which sounded great to me as I was so sick of thinking about the past.

I have learnt to let go of the past, and even feel grateful for it as I wouldn’t be who I am today if that bad stuff never happened.

I don’t remember when we last properly spoke as it was a few years ago but Im having the most wonderful time! Since returning and finishing university and getting my nursing qualification I’ve been working in London as a cardiac nurse. I love my job. I seem to be good at it! And I have great relationships with colleagues, patients and relatives. I have so many friendship networks in London now, I’m rarely bored or lonely!

You have always been amazing to me. So friendly, a great listener and I always knew you genuinely wanted to help me. Your continuous support when I moved to Cornwall, went to Thailand and then university was so helpful.

I really don’t think I would be here today if I had never come to you. I was saying to my Mum just the other day that I really feel it was the major turning point in my life so far. So thanks for believing in me! My family and I are forever grateful. I have even be told by my brother to say a big thank you from him to you for giving him his sister back!

Thanks so much Bill.

Pip, a University Student

Sometimes life feels messy.

Sometimes life has become so messy we are no longer able to identify it as a mess.

Sometimes we remain confident of absolute hope but the daily pain of life resigns hope to little more than a philosophical abstraction.

Prior to meeting with Bill, this is exactly the kind of place I had found myself in. I had decided that the future would be bleak and uncertain at best and that there was nothing I could do to change that.

Meeting with Bill helped me to shift my focus, to ask difficult questions about who I am, to recognise the resource I do have and that I am a maker not simply the subject of someone else’s destruction.mBill gave me, time, space and a wealth of sage understanding for which I am deeply grateful.


Andi Smith
My main aim of seeing Bill was to change career to a job that I would enjoy and was more in line with my values.

From the outset he was very supportive and knowledgeable, he made me question previous beliefs about myself and about employment.  I had been unhappy in my career for a number of years and felt stuck in a rut, unsure of which direction to go.

The primary outcome of Bills 6 sessions was that I found a job, and my career prospects look better than ever. My self-confidence has improved and I have a much more positive attitude to life. It has been hard work, but enjoyable.  Making the decision to see Bill has been a real turning point in my life.

James, Mortgage Advisor

I have set out two personal testimonials for Lifevision Coaching one from my prospective as a Business man and the other from my prospective as a Christian leader.

Life Vision Coaching (Business Coaching)

As a business man and entrepreneur full of ideas I needed someone to help me unpick the good from the bad. Having made some bad business decisions in the past and with an adventurous streak I wanted to manage the risk taking better.

Through the coaching sessions Bill gave me the tools to see with some clarity the ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ I felt empowered to jettison some ideas and embrace others in new and more realistic ways. I now feel my choices have a long term future rather than just a short term gain.

If you are at a place in your life and business where big or even small decisions are needed to be made that will affect the future, I can definitely recommend Bill as a Life Vision Coach and will use him again as I move forward  in business. Thanks Bill for helping me listen to myself in a new way.

Life Vision Christian Coaching

As a Christian with a calling to leadership I had come to a junction in my Journey where choices needed to be made. After 20 years of leadership, I knew that I needed someone to walk with me for a while. Bill Gordon was highly recommended by a friend who had used Bills life vision coaching himself.

When we first met, Bills ability to put me at ease enabled me to be open and honest for the very first time. As a leader I had learnt to be guarded about what I shared and who with. Bill managed over several sessions to help me peel the layers of my complicated and full on life and ministry. I quickly learnt to make bold choices about what was important in my life and relationship with the Lord.

After several coaching sessions where Bill had walked with me on my journey I felt lighter in spirit and had begun to listen to that small inner voice. Through the life vision coaching I have learnt to listen to the Lord and the noise of much activity is now less invasive.

I have gained a clearer prospective on my calling as a leader amongst leaders. Having someone who listens and is on your side is a really positive experience, If you need a sounding board, Bill is a great listener who is able to ask probing questions and brings you to a place where answers are real possibilities. I am so pleased now to count Bill as a friend as well as the go-to person when I need a fellow traveller.

Many blessings, Bill, my friend, fellow traveller and business advisor!

Gary – CEO of a Midlands Construction Business and Chair of a Christian National Leadership Development Charity

Bill is an incredibly gifted life coach who has amazing insight and experience, particularly in supporting people through times of change and personal transition. He imparts such wisdom, fresh perspective and awareness into situations without judging or telling. He truly believes in the power of coaching and works with the individual.

When I started coaching with Bill I felt trapped in a “hostage situation” in various areas of my life. I had lost my sense of identity and although outwardly I appeared successful, inwardly I was discontented, lost and felt trapped.

Through Bill’s powerful questions, intuitive insights and creative approach I was able to move out of the “hostage situation,” shifting my thinking, rediscovering my sense of enjoyment for life and finding contentment in who I am and the life I have.

Bill really helped me to widen my peripheral vision and see things from different perspectives, challenging my thinking, believing in me, supporting and encouraging me on the journey.

There have been some pretty significant changes in my life since I started coaching with Bill which is truly amazing! As a coach myself, I have met a lot of professional coaches but Bill is leagues above the rest! He is one of the most talented, insightful and dynamic coaches I have met!.

Sarah Hill, Employability Programme Manager

Thanks Bill. for your time over the last few weeks. I fully appreciate I was not a conventional proposition but together we made some real progress.

Elements which had moored my ship to the harbour were successfully cut and my ship has finally been able to set sail.

No mean feat, I was trapped for the best part of two and a half years.

So, I now have a focus, a destination and some drive, many thanks.


Neil Barnsley, Global Solution Executive

As a partner in our law firm for many years I have been given the opportunity to take early retirement. I wanted to make a positive exit from my work, leaving behind a good work legacy while at the same time beginning to work towards a good retirement which would be creative and artistic.

Bill has given me some new perspectives on this and some alternative readings of my present situation, which has given me some invaluable tools in helping me decide how best to navigate through this major life transition.

It has been helpful to become aware of the “filters” I have been placing on my life over the years. I now check my responses to other people’s actions and comments at work and the result has been improved relationships.

Its been good to have a welcoming and balanced sanctuary every time I met up with Bill for a coaching session. Bill is a warm and non-judgemental listener whom I could be fully open with and bounce ideas off.

Bill, thank you

Mrs R, partner, legal services firm

Hi Bill,

I hope you are well.

I’m just sending a quick email to give you an update on how I’ve got on since my coaching sessions last year. In February we had an Ofsted inspection and I was graded as ‘outstanding!’. My lesson was mentioned in the published report and overall as a school we came out as outstanding! I had an interview yesterday and I have been promoted to Assistant Head Teacher at my current school – I’m delighted!

I always keep your coaching skills in mind when I’m faced with some difficulty (I don’t agonise over staff relationships anymore and worry about moving forward – I just go for it!) My feedback from staff and the panel was very positive and I thank you for all the help you gave me last year.

In hindsight, I’m glad I waited a year before moving up the ladder because what I have learnt and experienced has been beneficial to me in so many ways (personally and professionally).

Thanks again Bill!

Sarah Smith, Secondary School Teacher

I’m a big fan of Bill’s approach to coaching – he seem to ‘get it’ where others I have experienced are very textbook. I get a sense of real care and experience from Bill’s coaching that is somewhat lacking in others

Whilst being coached by Bill I noticed my creativity growing and also my long-term desire to fulfil what I believe to be my purpose in life i.e. music. I have begun to start to take full responsibility for my own life and realise that in the end it all comes down to me, and the actions that I need to take to fulfil my dreams.

Bill’s approach to coaching is holistic, very compassionate, non-judgemental and understanding. Through my work with Bill I have enhanced clarity towards my future goals and renewed sense of energy to fulfil them.

I feel very privileged to have worked with Bill on this stage of my life journey and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone whether they are ‘in transition’ or otherwise.

Chris Beecham, musician and song-writer, London

Coaching with Bill has changed my life in so many ways. I achieved my overall goal and I am now headed in the direction of a career that I am enthusiastic and passionate about and this happened well within the six sessions arranged. I have reconnected with the things that I enjoy most in life, I feel organised, healthy and on top of things for the first time in a long time. Bill is incredibly inspiring, intuitive and supportive as a coach and the coaching process is a fantastic way to achieve goals that are otherwise proving difficult. I am delighted that I decided to go for the six sessions with him and would recommend him highly to anyone.
Kim, Office Manager

I was considering taking early retirement but not clear about what to do.

So I entered the coaching “experience” with some trepidation. I was looking for change, but not sure that employing a coach was the best way for me to find it. My initial introductory discussion with Bill reassured me that not only was the process very valuable, but that Bill was someone who I could trust and work with.

His good humoured, but firm style draw out my core values against which I could then make the right decisions about going forward with my life.

Bill’s coaching allowed me to examine both the restraints and the opportunities that I was facing and he gave me the tools to manage them.

There has been great benefit from Bill’s input and coaching, and I now look forward to putting what I have learned into action.

Ian McLellan – Marketing Manager, Aylesbury

Bill is a great guy, what first struck me of course is that he’s got a wicked sense of humor and has that steady, considered patter that makes you stop and listen. I liked Bill instantly and knew he was the right person to lead me on ‘the journey’.

I started out with all sorts of ideals and fanciful end goals but Bill listened intently, nudging my thought process along the way whilst politely filtering my outpourings for later reference. Occasionally he would swoop in like a keen eyed bird of prey to pick up on some disparity in my logic or remind me of something I had said with such genuine conviction at a previous session but which now melted under his gentle cross examining.

My sessions were a great success. My story is no doubt very typical, I was unhappy at work and had a mixture of career and personal issues which were grinding me deeper into the abyss, but the journey that Bill started me on was, and is, the right one for me. Bill winkled out my core values and beliefs, then honed in on what really interested and motivated me and expanded my concept of what I thought was possible until I got to a place which I knew was right.

Bill is a great life coach and I would recommend him to anyone. But you will need your wits about you and a sense of humor. The journey he will take you on will twist your reality and flip your logic but ultimately you will land on terra firma, not only knowing that the place you find yourself in is the right one but also knowing that the end of your road trip with Bill is just the start-line for a more important journey, the rest of your life!

Chris Mandale , IT Consultant

My main reason for contacting Bill was to work through some career and life-purpose issues and this was definitely worked on. Bill helped me re-align my values, which was very powerful for me, and many other personal insights occurred during our sessions that increased my self-awareness substantially. He also provided several tools and templates that were of great use.

I would recommend Bill to anyone who is going through a transition in life, or seeking to find new meaning and purpose and need unbiased support.

Linda Gregory, life-coach and entrepreneur

Bill’s coaching has helped me move from a place of fogginess and confusion and unproductively to a place of focus and clarity.

I have been able to take some practical steps towards achieving my goals. Also I now feel optimistic about achieving my long-term goals. The coaching has guided me towards solutions that really work for me.

Steve Pryce, Artist, Birmingham

I have found life coaching with Bill very helpful. It has helped me to focus on some of my most important life issues and to develop strategies for the future.

Bill has been very good at listening and facilitating our times together. He has let me set the agenda and determine my own goals. In the process he has been very affirming and never judgmental or condemning.

I’m grateful for Bill’s gentle but strategic input and help. I look forward to continuing the process with him and reaping the benefits. I would certainly recommend him as a life coach.

Harry Hewat, Pastor, Riverside Church, Birmingham

Bill’s coaching sessions provided a non-judgemental approach which helped me to see how dissatisfied I was with the status quo at work and how strongly motivated I was to initiate change. Each session was a real encouragement to realise my dreams.

They also enabled me to clarify and formulate the attributes of stimulating/fulfilling work and how to differentiate this from the kind of work which I am keen to avoid.

Bill inspired confidence, as he was very attuned to the whole process and the resources at his disposal.

Rob Barker, Solicitor, Birmingham

I’ve known Bill Gordon for many years, and we have had literally hundreds of in-depth discussions on many important topics which have helped me to see life, and my role in it, more clearly.

Bill’s life itself reveals a far-ranging intellectual and spiritual maturity, as well as a playful wisdom. I can easily recommend Bill if you’re thinking about a lifecoach.

Charles Strohmer, author, speaker, and independent researcher

I have found the coaching that I have received from Bill to be excellent. His coaching has propelled me towards my original goal, and beyond.

Bill’s coaching has allowed me to explore the different areas that I was interested in and to commit myself to starting a course. I know that I wouldn’t have come to this decision as quickly had I not had Bill’s help as a coach.

Anita Ramanial, Mother and Housewife

Bill helped me to see first in the formation of my goal, and then in the outworking of it, that a less cognitive approach might be more helpful in releasing the power of my unconscious.

My goal was to “dance better with my wife” – i.e. the dance of intimacy and autonomy. By the sixth week of our coaching, I had written a poem/word picture, expressing six different ways to “dance”.

It is hard to know what long-term impact this will have on our relationship but certainly in the short term, I recently enjoyed a delightful two-week holiday with my wife, and I continue to live with a sense of optimism about the future.

The sensory-based images in the word picture I have written feel like they are giving me both an underlying vision to pursue as well as a less confrontational basis to talk to my wife.

Bill has helped me a lot, and the anxiety I experienced when we first started to explore some of these issues has dissipated.

Phil Jackman: Director Agape Workplace Initiative, Birmingham

I ‘felt’ Bill’s experience in his coaching (I’d read his profile) however he did not project his knowledge on to me, but I felt understood.

He set some terrific homework that had me thinking ‘outside the box’. His gentle, supportive way masks his insightful, challenging questions so that I felt safe to explore what was hidden from my view; a childhood vision that I’d been running from. In fact I’d all but forgotten the vision or that I was running, however with Bill I felt safe to express what I had been embarrassed to say.

I really got that he took me seriously and that it was actually achievable with some work on myself.

In creating a clear goal and the journey steps, as I take the actions my concerns and doubts either disappear or I feel the fear and do it anyway and I haven’t ‘died’ yet!!!

Julie Kerr, entrepreneur

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