An Encouraging Testimonial

An Encouraging Testimonial

Following of from yesterday’s brief reflection (which I actually first wrote 7 years ago) it is encouraging  to get the following testimonial from a recent client.

Sometimes life feels messy, sometimes life has become so messy we are no longer able to identify it as mess, sometimes we remain confident of absolute hope but the daily pain of life resigns hope to little more than a philosophical abstraction.

Prior to meeting with Bill this is exactly the kind of place I had found myself in. I had decided that the future would be bleak and uncertain at best and that there was nothing I could do to change that.

Meeting with Bill helped me to shift my focus, to ask difficult questions about who I am, to recognise the resource I do have and that I am a maker not simply the subject of some one else’s destruction.

Bill gave me, time, space and a wealth of sage understanding for which I am deeply grateful.

Andi Smith