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About Myself

Personal Life Coach Birmingham

Born in the USA in 1943, I have been living in England since 1975.

Over the past 30 years I have worked on and off within the NHS as a qualified psychiatric and mental health nurse (RMN) with experience in clinical practice as well as project management and nurse training.

I was the founder and for 17 years the director and project leader of Hebron Trust – a 12 Step recovery centre specialising in helping people make the life transforming journey from an addiction to drugs or alcohol into the freedom of a recovery oriented life-style.

I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Pastoral Studies from the University of Birmingham (2005) and a diploma in Personal Performance Life Coaching from The Coaching Academy (2010). I am also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) both Classic and New Code via the NLP Academy (2010)

Check out Bill’s latest video below – Butterflies & Chaos: Reflections on Change and Transformation

On the edge of chaos, when nothing makes sense and everything is possible, miracles can happen. But waiting for a miracle is rarely enough. Survival requires an inner transformation — a change in identity. A new identity will reveal new values and beliefs, and support behaviour that is more appropriate to the changing or changed environment that accompanies radical change.

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