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Do I Need Life Coaching?

To help you discover whether you might be in need of life coaching, try answering these 36 questions. More information about “what is life coaching” and how you will benefit from a coaching session, please check the “What is Life Coaching” page.

How I Can Help You

I will coach you through a successful transition from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. You are in transition when you become aware of significant changes in your life or circumstances (welcome or unwelcome) and realise you now want to do something about it. Have a browse around my site, which will tell you more about my own approach. I am a professional life coach with training in NLP, specialising in life-transitions and personal transformation, including career, relationship and retirement issues. Please feel free to contact me, no strings attached, if you would like to know more. I do phone coaching and Skype so distance is not a problem! Call me today on +44 (0) 7986971956 to discuss your needs. Life Coaching

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“I’m a big fan of Bill’s approach to professional life coaching – he seems to ‘get it’ where others I have experienced are very textbook. I get a sense of real care and experience from Bill’s coaching that is somewhat lacking in others”.
C. Beecham
“There have been some pretty significant changes in my life since I started coaching with Bill which is truly amazing! As a coach myself, I have met a lot of professional coaches but Bill is leagues above the rest! He is one of the most talented, insightful and dynamic coaches I have met!”
S. Hill
“Bill’s professional life coaching has helped me move from a place of fogginess and confusion and unproductively to a place of focus and clarity. I have been able to take some practical steps towards achieving my goals. Also I now feel optimistic about achieving my long-term goals. professional life coaching has guided me towards solutions that really work for me”.
S. Price

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